Opulent lifestyles, famous people, unique architecture, entertaining anecdotes and gossip of years gone by, as well as the ambience of Kimberley's first exclusive residential suburb are what visitors doing the Belgravia Historical Walk will be exposed to.belgravia walk mapBig-150x150 After all, what more can be expected of a walk that packs 30 of Kimberley's most historical sites in under 3 kilometres?

The walk commences at the imposing McGregor Museum and meanders past sites such as the birth place of diamond magnate Harry Oppenheimer; "The Half" the world's first drive-in pub; the magnificent Dunluce and the Duggin-Cronin gallery which was erected in 1889. So savour Kimberley's romantic and glamorous past by taking a walk through Belgravia. An informative guide book on the walk is available at the McGregor Museum.
1. McGregor Museum.
2. No. 3 Egerton Road, former home of architect DWGreatbatch.
3. Halfway House.
4. No, 9 Egerton Road, designed by Greatbatch in 1897 for Arend Brink, diamond broker and valuator.
5. No. 22 Elsmere Road, for more than 50 years the home of HA Morris.
His sister-in-law, Olive Mclntyre, lived here from 1917 to 1990.
6. Girls' High School.
7. No. 18 Elsmere Road, the house of Russell Elliott, an honoured citizen.
8. Houses built by Col Sir David Harris.
9. St Patrick's College.
10. Nazareth House.
11. George & Dragon.
12. Sister Henrietta Stockdale Nursing College.
13. Battle of Sguare Hill Memorial, Cenotaph World War I & II.
14. Masonic Temple.
15. Statue of Sister Henrietta Stockdale.
16. St Cyprian's Cathedral Church.
17. Statue of Cecil John Rhodes.
18. Colonel Sir David Harris.
19. The Drill Hall.
20. Violet Bank.
21. Queens Park.
22. Rudd House.
23. Cape Police Memorial.
24. Belgravia Mine.
25. Home of Sir Ernest Oppenheimer.
26. No. 11 Lodge Road, the house Herbert Harris built for his English bride.
27. Dunluce.
28. The Grange.
29. Duggan-Cronin Gallery.
30. Alex Hall Memorial Gardens.



More info www.solplaatje.org.za/downloads/Tourism/Kimberley_bro_2.pdf

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