( First Breeding Locality in South Africa For Lesser Flamingos! )kamfersdam

Kamfers Dam is now South Africa's first breeding locality for Lesser Flamingos and by late-January there were more than 10Q0 chicks on the island, with many eggs still to hatch! This wetland is only the fourth breeding locality for Lesser Flamingos in Africa, and the sixth in the world. As the Lesser Flamingo is a globally-threatened species, the establishment of another breeding site will, contribute to the species' conservation. The Kamfers Dam flamingo breeding
sland project is a collaborative project between Ekapa Mining, the dam's landowners (Herbert and Brenda Booth) and the Department of Tourism, Environment & Conservation. Regular updates on the breeding event (including images) can be found at the following URL:
http://www.andersonafrica.co.za/ flamingoisland.html

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( First Breeding Locality in South Africa For Lesser Flamingos! ) Kamfers Dam is now…
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